Arknights Tier List

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Would you like the Arknights Tier List to assist you in selecting your character? Then you are at the right place. Our article lists all the characters and ranks them based on their performance in the current meta. You can download the Arknights game from Google Playstore if you like anime-style games that combine RPG and strategy elements. As the developer and publisher of “A Revived Witch” and “Azur Lane,” Yostar Limited is known for the quality of its work. Due to the wide variety of characters that the game offers, it can take much work for beginners to select the right character based on their preferred style of play.

Arknights Tier List Best Characters

Arknights Tier List

The characters are divided into four Arknights Tier Lists: S, A, B, and C. Characters in the S tier are considered the best, while those in the C tier are considered the worst. It would be helpful to take a moment to understand the tier before going on with our tier list,

  • S Tier: Operators of the S Tier are overpowered and can influence the outcome of battles.
  • A Tier: A-tier operators have a higher drop rate and can handle combat situations, so choosing between an A-tier and an S-tier may sometimes prove challenging.
  • B Tier: Operators in the B-Arknights Tier Lister are good only under certain conditions, so they are best used as substitutes.
  • C Tier: Finally, the C-tier operators are the ones you should avoid at all costs in the game. If you have them, you should replace C-tier operators with any other character in the game.

You should be aware that the Arknights Tier List below is merely a representation of the current meta or how certain characters perform. The tier list should not dictate how you play the game. If you like certain characters, play with them, as the most important thing while playing a game is having fun.

Now, let’s take begin with the Arknights Classes,

What are the classes in Arknights?

All the operators in Arknights Tier List are broken down according to their in-game class. There is a total of Seven different classes in the game:

    • SniperMedic
    • Vanguard
    • Supporter
    • Caster
    • Defender                               
    • Specialist

1. Arknights Sniper Tier List 

A sniper is one of the most powerful damage-dealing troops in the game. He has a much greater range than any other character in the game and can deal huge damage.

Tier                         Character Name

  S- Tier      Rosa, Rosmontis, Schwarz, Exusiai, Aechetto

  A- Tier     Ash, Platinum, Meteorite, Pinecone, Provence, Andreana, Blue Poison, GreyThroat, Firewatch, Flametta

  B-Tier       Vermeil, AcidDrop, Aosta, May, April, Sesa, Executor, Toddifons, Shirayuki

  C- Tier      Jessica, Meteor, Ambriel, Fartooth, Kroos, Catapult, Rangers, Adnachiel

 2. Arknights Medic Tier List

Medics play an important role in your team’s success because they ensure that all your other troops remain alive on the battlefield by providing care to them.

Tier                            Character Name

  S- Tier            Shining, Silence, Warfarin, Kal’tsit

  A- Tier            Nightingale, Ptilopsis, Whisperain, Ceylon, Perfumer

  B- Tier            Folinic, Mulberry, Myrrh, Breeze, Gavial, Tuye, Sussuroo

  C- Tier            Hibiscus, Lancet-2, Ansel

3. Arknights Vanguard Tier List

A vanguard is a crucial part of your defense and the backbone of the Arknights Tier List strategy you are trying to implement. Besides being a great way to kill enemies on the ground, they can also help you to deploy more units more quickly.

Tier                             Character Name

  S- Tier             Elysium, Saga, Bagpipe, Siege, Myrtle

  A- Tier             Reed, Texas, Zima, Vigna, Flametail, Saileach

  B- Tier             Courier, Scavenger, Chiave, Grani

  C- Tier             Fang, Vanilla, Fang, Yato, Plume

4. Arknights Supporter Tier List

Supporters are a great way to buff your casters, snipers, and other DPS characters and increase their damage. Several characters in the support class can also debuff their opponents’ armor.

 Tier                               Character Name

  S- Tier             Magallan, Shamare, Angelina, Suzuran, Scen

  A- Tier             Istina, Pramanix, Skadi, Glaucus, Sora, Mayer

  B- Tier             Podenco, Tsukinogi, Roberta, Deepcolor

  C- Tier             Earthspirit, Orchid

5. Arknights Caster Tier List

Arknights Tier List

Special troops in the game known as casters can deal arts (magic) AOE damage, but their casting speed is relatively slow.

 Tier                                Character Name

  S- Tier               Ceobe, Eyjafjalla, Mostima, Ifrit, Dusk, Carnellian

  A-Tier                Amiya, Beeswax, Leonhardt, Click, Mint, Gitano, Absinthe, Corroserum

  B-Tier                Greyy, Lava, Haze, Passenger, Skyfire

  C-Tier                 Nightmare, Tomimi, 12F, Durin, Lava, Leizi, Steward

6. Arknights Defender Tier List 

In Arknights Tier List, Defenders serve as pure tank units, allowing your DPS to deal with the enemies while your Defenders stall them.

 Tier                                  Character Name

  S- Tier               Eunectes, Liskarm, Nian, Blemishine, Saria, Hoshiguma, Mudrock

  A- Tier              Ashlock, Croissant, Nearl, Asbestos, Vulcan, Bison, Cuora

  B- Tier              Blitz, Gummy, Hung, Bubble, Matterhorn, Dur- Nar, Heavyrain

  C- Tier              Cardigan, Noir, Corne, Spot, Beagle

7. Arknights Specialist Tier List

Arknights Tier List specialist is a character capable of doing crit damage so that they can deal a tremendous amount of damage quickly.

Tier                                   Character Name

 S- Tier                 Phantom, Weedy, Aak, Gladia, Red

 A- Tier                 Ethan, Frost, Jaye, Manticore, Robin, Mizuki, Cliffheart

 B- Tier                 Snowsant, Waai Fu, Rope

 C- Tier                 Shaw, Thrm- Ex


You will be able to make more progress in the game if you know which Best characters are the strongest and which ones are the weakest. We hope that the tier list provided in this article has been helpful to you and that you can make an informed decision when choosing your characters in Arknights Tier List by using this information.


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