Army Men Strike Codes

Are you interested in receiving free gold for upgrading guns, weapons, and rifles? Then you have come to the right place. Here you can find the new Army Men Strike Codes and instructions on redeeming them. You can Free download the Army Men Strike game from the Play Store. Create your base and defend your territory. In this game, you can control remote-controlled planes, robots, green soldiers, and many other toys in different battles. It would be best if you had good tactics and better weapons to win the game. The game was released on 30 March 2017 for all Android devices. Developed and published by Volcano Force, Army Men Strike is a military action game.

Army Men Strike Redeem Codes

Army Men Strike Codes

Here you can find the latest Army Men Strike redeem codes to redeem the game. The regulations will allow you to get free gold, electricity, defense towers, weapons, and many more things that will be very helpful to you. Developing Army Men Strike codes takes time, and the developers need to set a time for every code they create. You should redeem them quickly since redemption codes can expire at any time.

Active Codes:

  • 25aeKtQooLO – 1-Hour Building Speedup X5
  • 25arlDllUWf – Enhance Alloy X100
  • 25aGboRZugS – 8000 Electricity X5
  • 25aotswRMLc – 5 Gold X5
  • 25aHyrvgfnX – Private Defensive Supply Chest X10

How to Redeem Army Men Strike Codes?

The following steps will guide you through redeeming your Army Men Strike codes. If you encounter any difficulties redeeming these codes, please let me know in the comments section. We will make every effort to provide a solution as soon as possible.

  • Firstly, open the Army Men Strike game on your device.
  • Click on your avatar, which appears at the top of the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Once you have done that, click the setting button.
  • There are many options available. Please choose the option that specifies a redemption code and click on it.
  • Enter the redemption codes above in the following box.
  • The final step is to tap on the redeem button to receive your free reward.

How can I Get More Army Men Strike Codes?

Army Men Strike’s developers share new codes on their social media pages to mark upcoming events or to commemorate milestones. It can guide you toward the game’s official Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Discord server pages. To get free redeem codes, the best way to make sure that you do so is to bookmark this page and regularly return to it. We update new codes here as soon as they become available.


What is an Army Men Strike redemption code?

A redemption code will allow you to get a free reward in the Army Men Strike game. The other things that you can get are gold, guns, and many more.

Is Army Men Strike available for PC?

This game is unavailable for PCs or laptops, so you cannot play it on them. Using an Android & iOS emulator on your PC allows you to download and install the game from the Play Store on your computer.


Army Men Strike is an online battle toy game that allows you to compete against professional players across the globe. You are responsible for creating your base and protecting it in this game. If you wish to win the match, you will only be able to win if you unlock all your weapons and use good tactics to achieve that. There are Army Men Strike codes that help you to get all of these weapons for free when you purchase them.


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