Bioshock Door Codes

In BioShock Door Codes, you will experience weapons and tactics unlike any other shooter you have ever played. You can use various weapons, from revolvers to grenade launchers to chemical throwers. However, you will also be forced to genetically modify your DNA to create an even more dangerous weapon. Injectable plasmids give you superhuman abilities. You can beam electrical currents into water to electrocute multiple enemies, freeze them solid, and obliterate them with a simple wrench twist. You can free download the game Bioshock Door from Play Store.

Bioshock Remastered Door Codes


Bioshock Door Codes


Listed below are every active and valid Bioshock door codes we could locate. You can find new items on the list daily, so check back frequently.

  • 2076: Diner Watched Clock on High Street
  • 5744: Fontaine’s Olympus Heights house elevator
  • 0928:Ladieswear section at Fontaine’s Department Store
  • 1921: Armored escorts’ Failsafe at Point Prometheus contains weapons
  • 1080: Dionysus Park: Basement storage hatch
  • 1216: Fontaine’s Department Store: Housewares, Silverfin Restaurant
  • 0451: Funeral Home of the Medical Ward
  • 2341: Minerva’s Lair: Operations and Programming
  • 7951: Fontaine’s Department Store: Housewares, Service Area
  • 1540: The Adonis Luxury Resort: The Plasmid Therapy Door
  • 7774: Robertson Tobacco Store at Fort Funair
  • 2673: Persephone’s inner self: holding the door to the wings
  • 5380: The lower dock at Neptune’s Bounty
  • 3958: Fontaine’s Department Store: Housewares, Bistro
  • 5254: Futuristics Fountain Plasmid Theater Door.
  • 9457: In Julie Langford’s office in Arcadia is a safe
  • 0047: The Pauper’s Drop at Fontaine Clinics
  • 0126:Khaburz’s office on Hephaestus
  • 1951: “Rapture’s Grand Carnival”: “The Challenge Room”
  • 2847:Finkton Factory: Surgical Suite
  • 1919: Plaza Hedone Door, Siren Alley
  • 7533: Room 7 of the McDonagh Tavern on Neptune’s Bounty Boulevard
  • 0512: Pumping station at an agricultural fair
  • 4146: Persephone’s Therapy Wing
  • 8371: Finkton Factory: Fink Manufacturing Research Laboratory

Bioshock Expired Door Codes

It has most likely expired if you attempt to use a Bioshock door code that does not work as it should. If you wish to verify if your Bioshock remastered door codes are still valid.

Fortunately, we are not aware of any expired code that has stopped functioning. So you will have the opportunity to take advantage of everything this game offers and get more updated Bioshock 2 door codes coming soon.

What’s Behind Each Door?

If you want to gain access to the BioShock Door Codes listed above, you’ll need to take the time to open them. Each conceals something unique, but there is always a valuable item to find. Here are the details behind each.

  • Arcadia: Langford Research Laboratories – Access to Farmers’ Markets
  • Farmer’s Market: Main Market – First aid kits, ammunition, invention components, and money
  • The Fort Frolic: Robertson’s Tobaccoria – Money, an Electric Buck or antipersonnel pistol rounds
  • Hephaestus: Workshops – Access to the Power to the People station, ammunition, and invention components
  • Medical Pavilion: Twilight Fields – EVE hypo, 00 Buck, automated hacking tool, and standard auto rounds
  • ‘Neptune’s Bounty’: Lower Wharf – First Aid Kit and ammunition
  • As part of Neptune’s Bounty 2: Fighting McDonagh’s Tavern, you will be able to receive Shorten Alarms Gene Tonic. A diary in audio format
  • Olympus Heights: Mercury Suites – Fontiane’s Apartment
  • Point Prometheus: Failsafe Armored Escorts, Rare Ammunition, and Invention Materials
  • Grand Carnival: Challenge Room – Ferris Wheel Activated

How to redeem Bioshock door codes?

Redeeming BioShock door codes is a straightforward process, but it may vary depending on the platform you are playing on. This article will explore how to save BioShock Remastered door codes on different platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

For PC

To redeem BioShock Door Codes on your PC, follow these steps:

  • Start the game and load your saved file.
  • Approach the locked door that you want to unlock.
  • Press the interact button (default is “E” on PC) to bring up the prompt to enter the code.
  • Type the code using your keyboard and press “Enter” to unlock the door.

If you have entered the correct code, the door will unlock, and you can access the area behind it.


BioShock door codes are essential to the game and fun to discover. They add a layer of complexity to the game and encourage players to explore every corner of Rapture. If you’re struggling to find codes, don’t give up! With some detective work and persistence, you’ll quickly unlock doors and discover new areas. So, get out there and explore the world of BioShock – you never know what you might find!


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