Cooking Diary Cheats and Guide

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Cooking Diary Cheats and Guide: There is a cooking game called Cooking Diary, developed by MyTona for iOS and Android devices. During the prologue of the game, you learn that your grandpa has retired and it is your responsibility to run and expand the restaurant by assisting customers, completing their orders promptly, and improving the inventory.

During the game, you hire helpers, purchase additional restaurants, complete levels, and compete with other chefs for the top spot. In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about the game, including Cooking Diary cheats, hints, and strategies.

Cooking Diary Cheats and Guide — 2023

Here are some cooking diary MyTona cheats you can use to improve your game and take your business to the next level.

Do Combos and Earn More Coins

By By fulfilling several clients’ requests consecutively, you will be able to earn extra coins. The combo timer can be found directly behind the money bar at the top of the screen. Earn additional money by placing or completing orders for several clients quickly (check the timer).

Visit restaurants to earn coins

The book symbol can be found in the bottom-left corner of the game’s main screen. On the next screen, click the “Friends” tab. You can visit your friends’ restaurants by tapping the “To Friend” button in the green hue. You may be able to obtain free coins and rubies from the free present there. You can receive free gift baskets by adding more friends.

Earn more with Facebook

Cooking Diary offers two options for inviting friends: sending an invitation or connecting the game to Facebook. If you link your Facebook account to the game, you will receive 15 free rubies. When you are linked to the game, you will be able to see a list of your friends who are also playing.

Smilies boost rankings

A Your customers will be pleased when you fulfill their orders in a timely manner. These grin points are the foundation of the ranking system. Get up the leaderboard by increasing your grin total. Additionally, you will receive a free chest when you reach position #1. It is also possible to obtain money or rubies from this treasure.

Daily Lucky Wheel Spin

The wheel icon can be found just underneath the guild symbol on the main screen. You can stop the process by pressing the stop button on the next screen. There are many benefits to playing the wheel of fortune, including rubies, life, coins, boosters, and much more. You may stop it for nothing, but only once per day. Once you have collected the coins, you will be required to use them. Cooking Diary Cheats and Guide allows you to gain cash quickly, so it makes more sense to invest some coins in order to obtain free rubies.

Do upgrades and save rubies

When playing Cooking Diary, you should be careful with your rubies. The appliances will need to be improved as you advance to harder stages. There will also be a higher cost associated with the update. Due to the difficulty of acquiring rubies, we recommend conserving it. When and How? It is recommended that you avoid purchasing home décor and furnishings. Please refrain from purchasing attire or quick upgrades with rubies.

Upgrades: You upgrade your appliances so that you can prepare orders more quickly. During the early levels, we recommend not upgrading every kitchen item, as you can easily complete the orders within the allotted timeframe. The levels will become more challenging in the later stages (restaurants such as Cinema Cafe, Sakura, and Pizzeria). Furthermore, you will be unable to provide services to consumers without the update. It is important to save rubies early.

Cooking Diary Cheats and Guide

Cooking Diary Tips, Guide and Strategy

The following is a cooking diary walkthrough that will help you understand the game completely, so that you can play like a real chef.

The elegance of a cooking diary

The amount of money you can make from the restaurant depends on its prestige level. Using the map view, you can collect the restaurant’s revenue every four hours (touch the map icon on the bottom-left side). It is possible to increase the restaurant’s income by raising the prestige level. What steps can be taken to raise it? You may gain prestige points by upgrading the kitchen’s equipment, buying interior items such as a TV and furniture, and installing ornamental items such as artwork, walls, flooring, and Cooking Diary Cheats and Guide.

Tasty Hills’ Companions Cooking Diary

We will provide you with free initial assistance. Consider joining a guild and asking for assistance if you require additional assistance. How does it differ from a regular assistant? Your revenue increases when you hire a guild helper. In the conversation tab of the guild menu, you can also assist other members by clicking the help button and get more assistance from Cooking Diary Cheats and Guide.

Cooking Diary Points

A guild member earns help points by assisting another guild member. Under the conversation tab, you will find a help button (if a member has requested assistance).

Guild Points – These points can be earned by participating in guild missions (together, all members). A guild’s position on the scoreboard will increase as it completes tasks and accumulates guild points.

In order to earn experience points, you must successfully complete guild missions in order to receive rewards and also to get support from our listed Cooking Diary Cheats.

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What is the use of Cooking Diary Rubies?

The funds are used to upgrade restaurant equipment, such as trays, food, stoves, and more, as well as to purchase interior and ornamental items. There is a fairly minimal upfront cost associated with most of the enhancements, ranging from one to five rubies. Nevertheless, as you advance or move to a different restaurant, you will require a greater quantity of rubies. As a result, we recommend that you skip the improvements at the beginning in order to conserve rubies.

How do I get more rubies in Cooking Diary?

The game allows you to obtain a large number of rubies. You can earn them as a reward for completing quests, completing tasks, or trading with other players. In the event that you do not yet have any gold coins, you may also purchase them on the market.

How do I beat Cooking Diary?

You can easily beat this game by playing it every day and used above Cooking Diary Cheats and Guide tips. If you wish to play the game, try not to be distracted by other games or apps on your phone and keep up with your quests as quickly as possible. If you are playing with friends, please try to coordinate when you will play so that everyone has the same amount of time left on their quests.

How do you get banknotes in the cooking diary?

The cooking diary Cheats allows you to acquire banknotes by placing orders. Orders can be placed in two different ways. The first type of order is the combo order, which allows you to place more than one order at a time. You can make two different pastries at the same time, for example, or pick up two dishes at the same time. Secondly, you may place a regular order, which will limit you to picking up one meal at a time.

How do you get combo orders in the cooking diary?

  • If you would like to receive combo orders in the cooking diary, please click on the “Get Combo Orders” button on the left side of the screen.
  • After you have arrived at the site, click on any empty space on the screen and wait for your next order to appear.
  • Here is where things get tricky, since if there is not an open spot when your next order appears, then it will be automatically selected for you.

How to add people to the cooking diary?

  • Click on the name of the person in the “people” section of your list to add them to your cooking diary.
  • You may add more than one person by clicking the “+” button next to their name and adding them all simultaneously.
  • Once you have added people to your diary, click on their names again to return to the list.

How to Unlock cooking diary restaurant names?

Unlock the restaurant names for each restaurant in the game. There is a unique name for each restaurant, and you must unlock it before you can place an order there. In the future, you will be able to place an order at that restaurant once it has been unlocked.

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