Sprite Fantasia Codes

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In this article our aim to provide working Sprite Fantasia Codes for game lovers. Sprite Fantasia is a 3D adventure MMORPG that lets you take care of a lovely sprite pet while enjoying a charming and humorous storyline. A sequel to Grand Fantasia, the game incorporates character and sprite customization options as well as a vivid fantasy setting and strategic combat challenges.

Sprite Fantasia Codes 2022

A collection of the latest Sprite Fantasia Redeem Codes is provided below, which can be used to obtain free bonuses in the game. There is a limited period of time and a limited number of users for which the Sprite Fantasia Codes are valid. The free rewards you are entitled to can only be used if you use the gift codes listed below. Crystal, gemstones, and other fantastic gifts are some examples of what you can find here.

PS68RGNJ334H – Ticket for one memory card (NEW)

7BJFDNS4RXFM – A 50 Prism Gems and Costume Ticket will be provided.

7BDKCSSSF6FN – A single memory card ticket

VIP111 – A total of 25 prism gemstones

VIP777 – Redeem this Sprite Fantasia free Gift Codes to get Ticket for a costume

VIP888 – Prism Gems worth 25

VIP999 – Sprite Fantasia Redeem code for Memory Card Ticket

SP777 – Memory Card Ticket for Sprite rewards

How to Redeem Sprite Fantasia Codes?

  1. Sprite Fantasia must be activated
  2. Located on the left side of your screen, you will find a yellow sprite icon that you need to tap to activate.
  3. Tap the Present icon within the circular menu.
  4. You can select Redeem by tapping it.
  5. Click on the Send button after entering the code.
  6. A reward package has been mailed to you.

Make sure that you enter the Sprite Fantasia Redeem code 2022 exactly as it appears here in the game in order to prevent any errors. When new codes are released, we’ll update this list as soon as they’re available. We appreciate your feedback if any of the Sprite Fantasia Gift Codes listed above have expired. We will remove them from our list if you let us know in the comments. Consequently, that Sprite Fantasia Code may be removed from the list.

Sprite Fantasia Codes

Sprite Fantasia Tips For Beginners

Update Your Game

As the focal point of the contest, they are of primary importance. When you are engaged in combat, you can have them nearby to provide you with guidance and support throughout the process. Increasing your chances of winning or remaining in a combat for a long period of time increases their effectiveness.

You must travel to Siwa Island to acquire Sprite King’s Power Dust, which you can only acquire by completing the quest on this specific island, in order to enhance them.

Additionally, if you can make it to level 70, you can access Sprite’s advanced level.

Complete All Quests

Our goal is to reach the highest level as quickly as possible, but in order to do so, we must complete the primary quest, which will increase your experience points and make you stronger so that you can fight conflicts more effectively.

Giving the primary quest priority will increase your rewards and increase your combat power. Your combat will be more immersive and enjoyable if your character and weapon are improved and upgraded. A class upgrade will also grant you access to new skills as soon as you receive the upgrade.

Claim Your Sprite Pet

There are a number of key plot quests in Sprite Fantasia mod apk. That will enable you to earn significantly more experience points. Additionally, you may sort the quests according to their difficulty level. You are provided with a daily attempt as well as an icon for Dungeon’s claim over the right upper portion of the screen.

One of the best pieces of advice is to avoid using the automatic mode. We all have the option of using the auto mode in our MMORPG games, but it is not recommended that we rely on them constantly. However, they assist new players in gaining an understanding of the game’s essence. You may take advantage of automatic features when it saves you time and effort; this feature is necessary for a map of this size.

Claim Your Daily Rewards

Special occasions may be marked by unique seasonal prizes and fantastic character enhancements. Your daily, weekly, and special event awards can be accessed by clicking the “perks” icon. All that is required of you is to complete the special event quest, since there is no deadline for completing the objectives.


Sprite Fantasia codes can be enjoyed more effectively if you play with all of your characters and choose classes that match your character types. Furthermore, you will be able to select your class and companion when playing multiplayer, providing you with affection experience points and enhancing your damage control as you advance through the game.

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What are the sprite Fantasia codes?

An animation, story, or game character is represented by a sprite in Game Lab. It’s possible to store a sprite in a variable with a label, but unlike numbers, sprites allow you to store many related values under the same label.

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