Throne of the Chosen Redeem Code

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Throne of the Chosen Redeem Code: The role-playing simulation game, This game has been released by EskyfunUSA for Android and iOS devices. With the authority of being Troy’s king, you are responsible for expanding the empire so that it becomes robust enough to prevent war from breaking out throughout the world. Using your charm and wisdom, and Throne of the Chosen gift codes are available below you can win the trust of Vikings and sultans worldwide. Then, take charge of their fate. Date lovely women and give your heir the skills to succeed. If you want to download the game Throne Of the Chosen then, come to the Play Store and get it Free.

Throne of the Chosen Gift Codes

We have provided a list of all the Gift Codes For Throne of the Chosen currently available. Redeeming these codes can grant players access to diamonds, loot boxes, tokens, goldbricks, grain carts, books of mystery, stat potions, treasure boxes, unique sets, recruit token shards, and other in-game items.

lw232437ca9a31876031 – Redeem this code at your convenience to get free rewards

lw258c612295fa43a5e7– Redeem this code and receive free rewards

lw29040aca6d9d3b15c5 – Receive free tips by redeeming this code

lw286ed5313d94151193 – Redeem this code for a chance to win free prizes

Labor51 – Redeem this code to receive rewards

Earthday – Redeem this code and get free tips.

You must enter the Throne of the Chosen Redeem code into your game as soon as possible because they are only valid for a limited time. It is highly recommended that you visit this page frequently, as we regularly verify that new, working game codes are available. To prevent errors in entering redemption codes, please ensure they are entered as indicated in the table above, considering special characters and letter cases (capital and small letters).

How to enter the Throne of Chosen Redeem Code?

  1. Select the settings icon at the bottom left corner of the game after opening it.
  2. You will be redirected to a new window when you click the “Gift Code” button.
  3. You will need to enter the codes we provided above in the box titled “Enter your gift code.”.
  4. If you click the “Redeem” button, your prize will be received in-game immediately.

Tips & Guide To Increase Attributes In Throne Chosen

Throne of the Chosen Redeem Code

Developing followers is the most efficient and effective way to raise the characteristics of C.P., Charisma, Commerce, and Agriculture. A follower is a character in Throne of the Chosen Redeem Code game that is in the arena and PvE boss battles. The “follower” option is on the main screen’s bottom. You can toggle a follower by clicking on it;

  • Spend gold to increase the attributes of the follower, including Charisma and C.P.
  • You can enhance your followers’ stats by giving them potions in Commerce and Agriculture.
  • Select aptitude; or exceptional talent from the aptitude tab, and then improve it using manuals, tomes, or aptitude experience points.
  • Using skill experience, you can improve the follower’s skill.
  • Using nobility items, you can promote your follower and increase their maximum level.
  • You can raise the talent level of your followers by using star stones.
  • You have a large following of mostly women, and they are most of your followers. Therefore, upgrading the lady connected to the follower is necessary to increase the follower’s stats. The woman icon can be seen next to his name on the follower profile page. For example, Robert has a relationship with his lady consort, “Helen”. Helen’s talents will result in bonus statistics for Rober’s followers.

How to get more codes for Throne of Chosen?

The only way to obtain more game regulations is by waiting for the developers to release new codes. However, they are receiving the latest and latest code can be accomplished by following their social media accounts on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Instagram.

If you wish to avoid following their social media accounts, bookmark this page since we will update it once the new Throne of the Chosen Redeem Code is available.

Game Information:

This is REAL information about the Throne Of the Chosen Redeem Code.

  • Title – Throne of the Chosen: King’s Gambit
  • Publisher – EskyfunUSA
  • Genre – Role Playing Game
  • File Size –
  • Android:433 MB
  • iOS:790 MB

There you have it, our list of all the available throne codes for Android and iOS. Please comment down below if there are any new redeem codes that are not mentioned in this post.

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